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At Blaumar you can find all the material you need for diving. With more than forty years of experience in the sector, we offer you the main diving brands with good advice, ensuring that the material you buy is what you really need and with all the guarantees of our suppliers. Likewise, we also advise you so that your purchase is satisfactory both in the short and medium term and considering the use you want to give it, we can look at the most appropriate one with personalized attention from personnel with more than forty years of experience in the sector.

Neoprene dresses

There are countless models and features, in the Mediterranean we normally dive with 5mm or 7mm thick neoprenes, depending on whether it is for cold people or not.

There are mainly 3 categories based on the thermal protection they offer.

  • Wet: ideal for summer, very comfortable and easy to put on and take off, they usually have zippers to facilitate the placement of arms and legs.
  • Semi-dry: usually used in spring and autumn, with waterproof arm and leg cuffs and waterproof zipper to minimize the movement of water inside the neoprene, they have a medium heating value, and from 16 degrees they can be used for diving. with some comfort.
  • Dry suits: completely waterproof, they can be worn under warm clothing and do not get wet, so they are suitable for diving all year round with great comfort. You have to train to use this type of suit, since the operation requires some attention. specifically to avoid incidents.

If you buy one from Blaumar, we will give you a small theoretical class and we will accompany you on your first experience to guarantee your safety. We also have the dry suit course available in case you want to go a little deeper into the technique and materials available.


Regulators are what gives us air when we are in immersion, therefore we ensure that the brands with which we work have all the guarantees, spare parts and after-sales service.

There are mainly 3 large categories of regulators, first price, mid-range and high-end, the choice can be economic in nature, for the use that will be given to it or for performance.

All regulators that come to the European Union have to pass the EN-250A standard, which establishes the minimum flow rates that a device with these characteristics must supply in different situations and that guarantee the total reliability of the device during all the dives that can be performed. carry out.

Diving goggles

Diving goggles are a very important part of the equipment and must be tested before buying to avoid surprises, since they must allow us to dive comfortably with them for long periods of time.

The most important thing is that they fit well on our face and feel perfectly adapted. With the advice of a professional the choice is always better, helping to choose between one or two glasses, frameless or with a frame, made of silicone. transparent, black, or colored.

The fins and booties

For diving, adjustable fins with a back strap are normally used that allow the use of booties with soles, similar to a boot with which you can walk calmly on any surface without getting damaged or slipping.

For freediving, foot-locking fins are normally used and require a shoe without a sole, which is cheaper but less resistant than shoes with a sole. Footwear must be used to prevent them from breaking. With this type of fins, the foot moves more comfortably. and the finned one is more efficient. For diving we do not need an efficient fin and we prioritize comfort when putting on and taking off, mobility and the ease of getting out of the water with them.

The hardness of the paddle is important and we must choose the one that best suits our physique and diving style.

Jackets or hydrostatic vests

Buoyancy control is essential to fully enjoy diving. Therefore, a good jacket guarantees great buoyancy control in all the circumstances in which you may find yourself. Likewise, the reliability of this device is important and we must choose one with which we feel comfortable and is practical for the user. diving style that we practice.


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